Device Installation by Specialists in Adaptive Driving Solutions

Don't trust just anyone to install your adaptive devices

Adaptive Driving Equipment is not the same as standard technology

Once you’ve chosen the right devices for your vehicle, it is essential that they be installed properly.

This isn’t a service your typical dealer or body shop can deliver.  Remember, adaptive devices are highly specialized technology that most mechanics never even get close to.  

Our technicians are certified in the latest adaptive mobility technology installation processes and we are ready to serve the unique needs of our customers.


Hassle-Free Installation Services


Lowest prices with no hidden fees! Let us help you choose a solution at a price you can afford.


We will provide a free consultation whether you’ll buy from us or not.


We can connect you with a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (CDRS) who will prescribe an appropriate driving adaptation for your unique needs.

Our technicians are qualified to install, modify, repair, maintain, service, replace or inspect any mobility equipment:

We are dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities.

Together we can find the right accessible solution for your needs.


We can install lifts & driving accessories in your wheelchair accessible vehicle and even your non-adapted vehicle.

We offer a wide selection of adaptive driving equipment for nearly every type of auto, SUV or truck.

Inspection and Maintenance

We can inspect and perform maintenance on your wheelchair accessible vehicle, wheelchair lifts, assistive seating and/or adaptive driving equipment.

Preventative maintenance plays a crucial role in the continued trouble free operation of your adaptive equipment and mobility vehicle. Top manufacturers recommend an annual wheelchair accessible vehicle inspection and bi-annual adaptive equipment inspection to be performed by an authorized dealer. Warranty obligation might be in some cases voided if maintenance was not regularly performed. Please check your Owner Manual for details.