Wheelchair Securement

Wheelchair Securement for Cars, Vans, Trucks and SUVs

AMS Auto works with top manufacturers like AMF Bruns, EZ Lock and Q’STRAINT to bring you wheelchair securement systems that quickly and easily secure your wheelchair or powerchair to the vehicle floor.

Proud Dealers of the Leading Wheelchair Securement Manufacturers

Tie Downs, Seatbelt Extensions and Docking Systems

We offer a variety of different technology-driven wheelchair and occupant securement solutions for wheelchair passenger safety and accessibility.

Tie Downs and Seatbelt Extensions

Here at AMS we are trained and certified to install safe and dependable securement systems for virtually any vehicle application. With a wide range of different options of retractors, tracks, pockets, anchorages and entire kits, we can accommodate virtually all wheelchair designs and every budget without sacrificing safety.

Wheelchair Docking Systems

The docking system is a perfect solution for wheelchair users who drive their own vehicles and want the independence of quickly securing their own wheelchair or for passengers whose caregivers struggle to manually attach the 4 point securement system.

This independent wheelchair securement allows the user to lock the wheelchair into place without any assistance of others. It allows a driver or passenger to drive or ride inside a vehicle in their own wheelchair. Thanks to a bracket installed on the bottom of the wheelchair that connects directly to the docking base installed on the vehicle floor, wheelchair drivers or passengers can lock their wheelchair into place unassisted.

Using this single point securement system will save you both time and effort.