Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair Lifts for Cars, Vans, Trucks and SUVs

AMS Auto works directly with the top wheelchair lift manufacturers in the world to bring you state of the art technology that makes driving safe and simple again.

Proud Dealers of the Leading Lifts Manufacturers

VMI iClass

Consumer and Commercial Lifts

Our solutions include inside and outside lifts, consumer and commercial lifts and the ability to assist you with Custom Full Size Van and RV Lift Conversions.

  • Internal hoist lifts
  • Internal or external platform lifts
  • Our internal and external vehicle lifts provide a simple, straightforward way to get your wheelchair, power chair or scooter in and out of your vehicle. 

    Our lift selection is extensive and can easily meet the needs of both the consumer and commercial market.

    How to select a vehicle lift

    Vehicle lifts are designed for a safe transport of a power chair, scooter or manual wheelchair inside or outside of a vehicle. The best option to meet your needs depends on a few factors: the type of your vehicle, your hitch class, mobility device you’ll transport and your physical capabilities. 

    The lift can be manual, partially automated or fully automatic and different vehicles offer different weight capacities and interior space impacting the mobility device they can carry and whether the mobility device can fit inside or outside the vehicle.