Steering Control Solutions

Steering Aids for Cars, Vans, Trucks and SUVs

Steering aids help you effectively control your vehicle. Having a properly installed steering aid in your vehicle allows you to drive more safely and with greater comfort.

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Steering Aids including Spinner Knobs, Multifunction Knobs, Turn Signal Extensions and Specialty Grips

With our steering aids, drivers can enjoy a higher level of control and comfort, which makes for a smoother, safer and more enjoyable ride.

Multi-Function Knobs

We offer multi-function knobs that operate both as a grip for controlling the steering wheel and a button console for operating vehicle functions.

This compact and removable steering device allows fingertip operation of the vehicle’s secondary functions.

Depending on the type of multi-function knob chosen, driver may be able operate windshield wipers, turn signals, the car horn, control headlights and more.

Multi-functional knobs are safe and simple to operate. 

Turn Signal Extension

The most popular Drop Style Turn Signal Lever allows drivers to activate turn signals without removing their hand from hand control.

turn signal extension 1

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