Hand Control Solutions

Hand Controls for Cars, Vans, Trucks and SUVs

AMS Auto works directly with the top hand control manufacturers in the world to bring you state of the art technology that makes driving safe and simple again.

Proud Dealers of the Leading Driving Control Manufacturers

Sure Grip

Hand controls allow drivers to operate the brake and gas by hand, using controls mounted on or below the steering wheel. With mechanical hand controls, braking and acceleration are applied though mechanical linkage. Electronic hand controls provide a 100% electronic acceleration. In any case, the original functioning of a gas pedal and brake pedal remain intact for any other drivers.

Hand controls are an ideal solution for people with restricted lower body mobility.

Alternative Mobility Solutions offers a wide variety of electronic or mechanical hand controls, including the following:

- Steering Column Mounted -

Push - Right Angle

Simply push the handle in a forward motion to brake and push it downward at a right angle to accelerate.

Push - Rock

Simply push the handle in a forward motion to brake and rock it back and downward to accelerate.

Push - Pull

Simply push the handle in a forward motion to brake and pull it to accelerate.

- Floor Mounted -

Floor mounted controls look like a gearshift and are mounted on the right side of the driver’s seat. Thanks to their positioning, there is an unobstructed path for transferring in and out of the vehicle.

Push - Pull

Push - Rock

- The Ring -

Finished in soft leather, the ring accelerator can be mounted over or under the original steering wheel and it’s operated by using your thumbs or fingers.