Foot Control Solutions

Foot Control Solutions for Cars, Vans, Trucks and SUVs

AMS Auto works directly with the top foot control manufacturers in the world to bring you state of the art technology that makes driving safe and simple again.

We offer a wide range of foot control aids, all made by the finest manufacturers in the mobility industry.

Proud Dealers of the Leading Driving Control Manufacturers

Sure Grip

Mechanical and Electronic Left Foot Accelerators, Pedal Blocks, Pedal Extensions and Heel Shelves

Left foot accelerators assist users with lost or reduced mobility in their right leg.
Pedal extensions help drivers who are unable to reach and safely operate the vehicle pedals.

- Mechanical and Electronic Left Foot Accelerators -

Both the Mechanical and Electronic Left Foot Accelerator are intended for those who need to operate the gas pedal with their left foot.

The Mechanical Left Foot Accelerator comes with a built-in pedal guard that protects the factory accelerator from accidental use. Its Quick Release base makes it easy to remove for other drivers.

The Electronic Left Foot Accelerator requires the driver to activate the left pedal prior to each use by pushing a button to turn the system on. That action disables the right pedal preventing an accidental use by an untrained driver.  The system will always default to the right side gas pedal after turning the ignition off, eliminating the need to remove the device for other drivers

- Accelerator and Brake Guards -

The Guards are intended for use in conjunction with hand controls.

They protect the gas and brake pedals from unintentional use e.g. accidental leg spasms or drivers resting their foot on or under either pedal.

The Guards can be released in seconds without the need for tools thanks to their Quick Release function.

- Pedal Extensions and Heel Shelves -

Pedal Extensions can reduce the distance to the pedal from 2″ – 8″. Utilizing an easy Quick Release system, pedal extensions can be removed in seconds without the use of any tools. Extensions can be used for accelerator, brake or clutch.

The heel shelves are designed to complement the use of the pedal extensions. They come in three different heights, providing drivers a platform for resting their feet while driving with pedal extensions.